CTRL+Z "Undoing Basic Material 001 .........."

My pc came back from reset (win10 64bit) and new clean installation of rhino 5.14.522.8390, most recent GPU drivers installed, i have also vray next and AD shape modelling.

Sometimes when i need to undo even one step rhino undos some material changes as attached file. is this a known issue?

Edit: in this SS i have just used “untrimall” as you can see at line 64 and have undo till there instead of a single CTRL-Z.

Hello - I do not know of this one. I’ll see if I can make that happen in V6 or 7 as well. Is this consistent? And does it happen only if Rhino render is current? And if Vray is blocked, does it happen?


Hi Pascal,
I have tested this.

when vray is available but not active (current renderer is rhino) doesn’t solves it
vray has to be blocked to work normally.

but i think this just for me did you manage to make it happen on your end? maybe i need to install vray again.

Hey I have the same problem. For a week now. I’m using Rhino 5 and latest vray. Never had this problem before, no update of rhino or vray since it started happening.
Any ideas?

I am also experiencing this problem - Rhino 5 and Vray Next.

I haven’t really tested this to confirm, but it seems to be with files that use materials originally created in older versions of Vray and “automatically upgraded to the current version” then either saved as a new file to do updates, or the objects using those “upgraded” materials copy/pasted into new files.

I don’t know if anyone else is able to confirm if that could be the cause.

It is a bit frustrating - especially if you’re spamming undo and Rhino just gives up and crashes.


So, what’s the solution? :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

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Same problem here… Is anyone from Rhino gonna bother to reply?

Solution is to update Vray

Same problem …