Ctrl + Shift + A Not working?


I’ve been using Rhino for several years with the same keybindings. Suddenly, CTRL + SHIFT + A does not seem to work. I am using Rhino (6.29.20238.11501, 8/25/2020), but have also tried it with the latest WIP. Can anyone confirm they are also having this issue?


Hi Niko,
What did you have assigned to CTRL + SHIFT + A?
Default has no assignment:


Hey! I have !_isolate set to CTRL + SHIFT + A. That said, I changed it to several different commands prior to posting in attempt to isolate the issue. Mind the pun, ha.

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I’ve seen a few times where another program has grabbed a key combo and it doesn’t get through to rhino. I think adobe stuff has done it to me before. I can’t remember specific details

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Bingo! After some thorough digging I found out it was Razer Synapse for my mouse… not sure why that needs a hotkey. Thank you!