Ctrl key for Perspective not working


Suddenly, my Ctrl key does not seem to be working for vertical in the Perspective window. My snaps are all off, to make sure and I’ve tried a different keyboard too with the same result. Shift still works for xy. Any suggestions?


Hi Akilli,

Can you tell me what version of Rhino you’re using? Is this with Rhino 5 for PC? If so, are you on the current service release? You can check this in Options>Rhino Options>Updates & Statistics. I haven’t heard of any other reports of ‘Elevator Mode’ (ctrl for Z axis in perspective) not working.

Also, just checking but is this only happening with one file or all? It should work by holding down ctrl when clicking… like when drawing a crv.

Hi Brian,

I’m glad I’m posting with a screen name, because I feel like an idiot now. I was using ctrl improperly and not left clicking continuously as a I drew the line. I was trying to use it like the shift, expecting it to snap to the z axis. Sorry, and thanks for your time.


No worries… happy to help.