CTRL-drag points to extrude - also for rotate/scale?

Just had an idea that might be worth sharing.
Since V6, points can be extruded to lines, which is a very nice litte feature!
Why not take it a step further and let points be ‘extruded’ to arcs by rotating?
Consistently, same could go for scale, although I’m not sure if this would be used often.

Just had the case where I needed to create lots of concentric arcs, where this would have come in handy.

Edit: and in the case of CTRL-rotating a curve, you would get a Revolve surface…

screenshot rotate extrude to arcs


Maybe the rotate handles just need an extrusion dot like the displacement handles…

Following the logic, yes.

Hello - got that, thanks.


Thank you very much!
Happy new year, by the way!