CTRL ALT DELETE for GH lockup?

Somtimes in the process of rewiring like swapping the inputs to a BREP SPLIT module I start by connecting the brep to both inputs as a step before connecting the cutter to the other. This often causes GH to lockup requiring the entire Rhino process to be killed.

I know this, but I still do it when my head is deep into the geometry and I would love to be able to just halt all GH processing in its tracks.

I know I can disable the solver BEFORE doing stupid things, but turning that on and then off again for wiring is PITA.

The components of Grasshopper call already written Rhinocommon methods so they can only be evaluated if it is convenient to run heavy processes before calling them (cannot be stopped in the middle of the execution), but this is a problem as complex as making the software understand the user’s intention with statistical models that learn to discriminate human errors. Naïve solutions with explicit models can work for two or three things like desynchronizing the data structures in the inputs or boolean operations with heavy geometry, but I’m still sure it would annoy the user more than help him. I’d prefer make a mistake and freeze Rhino, than be asked to perform a heavy operation every time.

Grasshopper already allows you to lock the solution by pressing the escape key, but this only works after computing one component and before the next.

The solution is that you disable the heavy components before changing their state and get used to it, isn’t it?

Grasshopper checks for an escape key between components. But once inside a large operation, that will not work.

Normally I will disable the component itself before a big re-wire.

Or I will use a data dam to protect really long calculating sections of a definition.

There is also a new trigger component that can be wired to multiple components to allow them to be only triggered manually or not depending on its setting.

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