CSV Data - Combine duplicate names to be a single name


I am trying to create a map to show which developer each wind power station is owned by.

I have currently joined each point (station) to it’s corresponding name (image 01). I would like for there to be no duplicate names as shown in image 02. I want only one name of each developer, and any power station that is owned by that to join to one name, shown in image 03.

The script i’m using is in image 04.

There are many different names and it would be very time consuming to single out each one.

Would be grateful for any help :slight_smile:

Nice map!
Create set and member index components will do the work

Thanks for your help!

It has sorted the list correctly but the lines don’t join correctly.

I think it’s because the is not the same number of station points as names? So the station does not know which name to connect to.

Might be more complex… or I haven’t joined it correctly?

Any ideas?

You will need to filter the points too :slight_smile:
use list item on K/A/C too

Great! Thank you :slight_smile: