Crystallon gyroid problem, cant bake?!

Hi I am really grateful for Aaron´s work with Crystallon, but I am having problems with the gyroid shelling and dendro bakeing. I am just a newbie and following along your webinars, but now I am stuck. I cant get dendro to convert the volumes to mesh and then bake it! It is very likely that I am doing something very wrong here, but I cant figure out what! So any help would be great! (91.6 KB) CrystallonTest_03_Gyroid.3dm (837.4 KB)

You are really close. You just needed to connect the settings component to the “volume to mesh” output component in Dendro to get it to run.

In Dendro, all “Convert” components need to be connected to a single settings component for it to work correctly. This workflow is unique to Dendro and may be a little unintuitive initially.

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@CharlieP Thank you so much!! I was almost giving it up, since I did not understod what was wrong! But thanks to you I see that it is some kind of logic behind the solution! Thanks again, you made my evening!