Crvs union

Hi all,
I am have an issue using 2D crv union component in grasshopper.

I try to make crvs at different level do the crv union seperately but for some reason it doesn’t work, does someone know how to achieve?
attached my rhino + GH file

Crvs unions.3dm (44.4 KB) Crvs (9.6 KB)

I guess it should be a way to do it via data matching…


Since your curves are all in the same flat list, you first need to sort them into branches per z-value in your case.

To get a z-value for each closed polyline, you can simply deconstruct its centre.

Crvs unions (8.2 KB)

Cool! Didn’t know that the equality + cull pattern can be used in this way, thanks diff-arch