CrvDeviation fail

Why doesn’t CrvDeviation work between any of these 3 curves? (Tested in V5 and WIP)
The RhinoCommon Curve.GetDistancesBetweenCurves method also fails of course.

Thanks, --Mitch

No_CDev.3dm (233.4 KB)

Hi MItch - I see it, I don’t have an answer other than ‘bug’… thanks for the report…


Same problem with these curves in Rhino v5 and RhinoCommon.

Crv_Deviation_Problem.3dm (116.2 KB)

when can we expect a fix ?



Hi Tom - Hmmm yeah, I see - I’ll get these on the heap, though, well, they are kind of corner cases. In V6/WIP you can reduce the long closed curve in the first example by using ‘SubCrv’ when selecting that curve - with this you can designate a small bit that corresponds to the little curve and CrvDeviation will just look at that temporary short curve, not the whole thing.


Dear Pascal - thanks for having a look at the file. My main need is the RhinoCommon Curve.GetDistancesBetweenCurves Function. I have to automatically filter curves to prepare data for production - but now i use a workarround. …
Thanks anyway
best Tom

Yes, me too. For me, I have few scripted functions to find “near-dup” curves and that’s the most important tool, but it’s totally useless now. Ran across more instances yesterday, for example the simple stupid example below… (V6) “No overlapping intervals found”.

NoOverlap.3dm (23.6 KB)


Got it- thanks, I added both of these new examples to the previous bug track item.


Hi @GregArden

As you are assigned the youtrack
I’d like to know if this is still on your radar?
V7 is still failing, and revisiting my code where this bug is preventing me from easily moving forward, I’d like to know if a fix is on the horizon or I have to create another workaround.


I’m moving this to the top a pile of Curve x Curve Intersection bugs that I’m going to work on soon.

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