Crv tangent to another (the other isn't a circle)

Hey there, I want to drawn a line tagent to a Crv which isn’t a circle, (Both Crvs will always be planar)

Does anyone know how best to do this?


The ideal solution for that is to use a bounce solver. Solvers like these start from some candidate value, compute some result, compare to some target and then go “up/down” relative to that value while the delta is halfed every time that a swap up/down occurs. That way you can find, say, the flotation state of some closed Brep/Mesh, a Crv Region with a given Area … etc etc. But all my stuff related to similar solvers are strictly internal.

So get a poor relative. (122.7 KB)

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Thank you :slight_smile:

BTW: If by accident you speak C# I could provide some indicative hints related with bouncy solvers.

Not yet but it’s on the list! Perhaps a place to start from you though could help? :slight_smile:

I think I’ve found what I need:


Target missed by a million miles.

Try this:

Tip: the main scope of coding is NOT to do things but to know how to manage things (notably if you are in the AEC market sector).

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sounds like a complicated solution to this maybe analytically describable (I think) problem. There must be simpler solutions…
I will think about it :smiley:

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Think the following: given a closed Brep/Mesh with volume V and density d … find - if exists - the flotation plane (Z axis is user defined). Like:

BTW: a classic Recursive Bouncy Solver is a rather very simple piece of code. Remove the info (via Print) and count the beans.