Crv End Analysis - Fighting with poor quality drawings

I need to work on some project but firstly I got to clean really big BS CAD drawing because people don’t care to draw clean lines.
Crv end analysis helps a bit to expose this crap but some functions should change their place and be moved to the popup window.

Zooming to Crv end means that I am inside command so if I want clean something I got to cancel the command and then do my work. After that, I got to click zoom again (which will show me all ends at the same time, then select from the command line - next, and repeat my job on other problematic ends.

  • I wish that this End Analysis would work outside the command and everything would be accessible from a popup window.

  • Some of the buttons (like next, previous) could be set to key macros. (do my cleaning, press one button, do it elsewhere)

  • Zoom should have a slider that will control the camera distance when zooming. (Often I zoom, don’t know the general situation, so I got to zoom out and zoom again)

I think there should be a discussion about tools that will help us keeping our sanity when we import BS CAD drawings into Rhino. This is very important and hundreds of work-hours are to be saved. Some of the studios will find their way with some custom coding, other studios will hire CAD-monkeys (students) and pay them nearly nothing (or nothing) so they don’t care. But working time of normal people shouldn’t be overlooked, they have dignity.

Sorry for my careless english, but I’m furious and busy.

Hello - CrvEnd and CrvStart, along with SelOpenCrv, SelClosedCrv should help. But ShowEnds is not a modal command - you can do anything you like while the control is open.

@Czaja -



Hi Pascal,

Yes, I know those commands.
If you click Zoom then you can’t be inside another command. Moving or duplicating those functionalities (All, Current, Next, Previous, Mark) from the command line to the popup window (and preserving keyboard shortcut - that would be tricky and could interfere with other commands) is what I suggested and showed on the second screenshot.

Also with skipping through couple spots while being zoomed the problem is that I don’t know which dot is which, and to what problematic place I was moved when I clicked Next. Maybe adding some numer tags could help.

RH-55568 is fixed in the latest WIP