Crosshair hotkey binding

Hey everyone! :slight_smile:
How can I bind the “Crosshair” option from “Rhino Optoins” - “Appearance” for F5 key for example?
That would be great, if someone could write the text for macro of that kind.
My English level doesn’t allow me to understand properly the syntax of succh complex things.
Please, anyone?

You can try putting this macro into your F5:

_-Options _Appearance _Visibility _Crosshairs !

(this will act as a toggle)

HTH, --Mitch

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Oh thank you very much, Sir! That works perfectly and helps me a lot!
Just one last thing to go, I wonder if there is any possibility to toggle that option while in the process of drawing without cancelling the current command (polyline for example).
Thank you again.

I don’t think that this procedure can be called transparently inside another command, no…


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