Cross sections legend map

Hello everyone!!! after optimizing the cross-sections of my dome’s members i want to create a legend map for the optimum there anyone who knows how to do that?

Hi, if you apply a colour to your original cross sections you can easily create the legend based off these colors. You need to make sure “Cross Sections” in “Cross Sections Color” in ModelView is activated, and make sure to have your BeamView component to see your cross section profiles and colors.

thank you for the reply!!!, could you please tell me what are the components?

Hi, if you use the expression component, you need to change the Variable x to “x”. You can do this by right clicking on the Variable x and inputting a new variable.

Could you please provide an example? because i tried but i am not getting any results !!

Hi, please share your file so that we can help you

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You can do something like this: (57.9 KB)

dear sir, i am facing something here !! i set colors for my cross-sections but when i zoom out it turns to red color, could you tell me how i can solve that?

Hi user512, i guess what you are experiencing is a “preview mesh edges” problem. Try disabling it in grasshopper (i think it is Ctrl+m).

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