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I have a strange Bug. When I use a simple “Assemble Model”, the Cross section is set to 2. When I plug in my desired cross section it just add up to 3. Therefore my simulation dosen´t work.

(i´m using tha latest version with Rhino 7 on Mac)

Any ideas how this happend and how to solve?

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Hi, the two cross sections relate to the default cross sections for a shell and for a beam. If you apply a cross section to your element, there should not be errors with your script.

Thank you for the fast awnser. But when I plug in my cross section, it will add up to 3. I have attached my model, maybe you have some time to check it.

By the way, is there any difference between the cross section input in the “mesh to shell” component or in the “assemble model” component?

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Hi, both methods work. The old method was to set Element Ids to cross sections and materials, and this would be assembled in the model. The new method allows you to directly apply the cross section to an element.

You should have 3 cross sections as you have your defined one and the two defaults cross section.

OKay got it. So if the cross section is not the problem here, i´m a little bit confused what else could be the reason for that.

You have no loads applied. Therefore you get no results.

That is true, I don´t have a classical load applied. But I used a prescriped displacement on the short edges of the shell. They are rotating around their axis (global Y), therefore the translation in x is free for the supports.

It is a bit strange, the component “prescribed displacement” is listed under loads - logical. But the Output of this component is “Support”. In my case, I pluged it in the “Support” Input from the “Model assembly” … Therefore no loads are applied to the model. But my model should really be loaded by a rotation in the two supports and is intended to bend the rectangular specimen.

Would be great if someone can comment on this.

Please refer to

The component simply describes a degree of freedom at the support, but does not the actual load

I guess it does describe a load. I found the mistake now. When I want a predescribed rotation around the Y-axis, I have to block the according DOF.

Thanks for your input!!