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I’m trying to do the “Dragonfly - Trace Images” tutorial on Rhino v5. I’ve drawn the cross - section curves and then clicked the LOFT command. The image I end up with is not what it shows in the tutorial. I would include a screenshot of my results but, I can’t figure out how to do this. Any and all help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi James - please attach the file as it is so far. You can drag the file from Windows Explorer onto your response as you type it. You can also edit your previous responses or posts by clicking on the pencil icon at the bottom of the post.


Hm. That looks like neither Rhino nor the dragonfly tutorial - can you try that again? Post the actual Rhino file please, not a screen shot.


Sorry about that. I inadvertently sent you a screenshot from an Autodesk program. Here is the correct file.

I think Pascal was asking for the .3dm Rhino file with your work on the project, not the image file.

Kyle Houchens has made this very good video for the dragonfly tutorial:

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Where do I find this file and, what exactly does it look like?

It’s the file in which you’ve drawn cross sections and the loft. If you have saved that file you should know where to find it. :slight_smile: