Cross section opitmization


we finally managed to get a working script for our structure but we still are wondering about some results.
In order to get the lightest structure we used the optimize cross section command. Although we can see that different diameters of the cross sections were used in the beam viewer there is only one diameter used with the list we get from the disassembly model command (also the name of the material is missing in that list).
For example with beam “b55”: the beam viewer shows a diameter of 4cm (the numbers next to the name are the diameters in cm) but in the list we get from the disassembly it says the diameter is 6cm.
Which one can we trust? I would say the beam viewer but honestly i’m really insecure when it comes to karamba.

An one more thing. The number of cross sections seem to gradually increase. We have 70 beams and for our logic there should be 70 cross sections at the end.
Could this be part of the problem that the values aren’t correct in that list? (130.6 KB)

Like i said before in other questions we are really glad to get your help and appreciate it. Guess we already learned quite a bit about karamba thanks to the questions here.

Kind regards,

Hi, you should use the DisassembleElement and DisassembleCrosSec to be able to get the list of cross sections after your optimisation. The list from your disassembleModel is simply the same as your input cross sections.

Using the model view component, you can also display the names of the cross sections in the rhino viewport. (126.1 KB)

Thank you so much. Really didn’t think about the easiest solution with the model view component.