Cross section eccentricity for shell structures

Hi Karamba guys,

I’m trying to make a cross section optimization of a shell but keeping all the thickening variations of the shell on one side of the mesh. I tried with the “eccentricity on cross section” component with no success. Is there any way?
I’d appreciate any help.

Best regards,

Hi Jorge,
in Karamba 1.3.1 it is not yet possible to have eccentric shell elements. Sorry for that.

In case there are no in-plane forces and your concern is visual appearance you could manipulate the position of the mesh vertices of the upper and lower shell boundaries.


Hi Clemens,
many thanks for your answer.
I’m trying to make a ribbed or -better to say- nerved shell, so to keep a “stable” face of the shell by design, keeping the optimization/nerves on the other face.