Cross Platform License

I recently bought Rhino for mac and been using the beta version for a few years now.
I am loving it bigtime but I miss Vray + also got really intrigued by grasshopper, therefor I am considering to switch from mac to PC. Is the license cross platform?


Nope, sorry, not at this time. --Mitch

And maybe any discounts? Pay as an upgrade?

When Rhino for Mac was launched there were some discounts available but that period has passed.

Am I allowed to sell my current mac license?

As long as it isn’t an educational license, yes, you can.
(See the FAQ part here:

Note that development for the Mac version has lots of focus at the moment and support for rendering plugins and Grasshopper will happen at some point…

That’s what I’ve heard, but I see a lot struggles happening with the fact that mac doesn’t support CUDA (in there mac pro’s). I don’t wanna support that policy any longer, I see so many colleagues doing super cool stuff real time, feels like I am old school :wink:

Sorry to hear that Rhino for Mac is not working out for you.

I am curious, what do you want to do that requires CUDA?

No No don’t get me wrong, I LOVE rhino on the mac, I love it so much it makes me wanna switch to PC after 15 years mac… I am so hooked to it I want to use it with all it’s whistles and bells, especially the integration of Vray and the use of RT.

Concerning CUDA there is so much happening with real time rendering and I am missing the boat.

Oh, I guess I didn’t understand what you were talking about. In my understanding, CUDA is used for GPGPU (General Purpose GPU computing), not real-time rendering.

Hi. I have a Rhino Edu License for Mac … but I’d like to switch for Windows. Is this possible? Or do I have to buy a separate windows license? Thanks!

You will need to buy a separate Rhino 5 Windows license.

Ok. Thanks

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