Crop Print Window? (Not just print window)

I can’t see how to print a only a cropped section of a layout, surrounded by blank space.

I can create a print window and have it scale to fit my page, but if I want it at 1:1, it prints the surrounding elements I am attempting to crop out.

Unless only a small portion of a plot can be printed repeatedly for testing, the amount of ink used for running multiple plots to test printing characterstics can be astronomical.

FWIW, the current workaround for details in none-rectangular shapes is to have a solid white hatch with custom internal border (a hole in a rectangle). You can use this technique to only print a cropped portion of the layout.

yes, thanks wim. Considered such a thing but it’s too fiddly for every different print, and having more layers and objects to wrangle. (it’s automatic with AutoCad.)

Please let me know if you are aware of any way to have print configuration established that’;s different from the layout page. I find I’m setting the same print window to print part of a 24x36 sheet every time, and choose sheet size and orientation, when I print to my tabloid-sized printer a portion of the large sheet.