Crooked Points help?

Hi again,

I’m was adjusting the open arc and noticed from the top view that my points look slightly crooked. Is this an issue? How do I make them not crooked? Any advice would be wonderful. I apologize in advance if this is a simple question, I have had no formal training in Rhino. All I’ve learned is from Lynda and Youtue videos.

Thanks. pointcrooked.3dm (3.3 MB)

First off it’s a best practice to correctly orientate your model to world modeling space. It makes modeling infinitely easier. You can select the curve points and use the gumball scale to align them or the setpt command.

Hi, I’m a very novice user right now, what do you mean by “world modeling space”? Can you eleborate?

Its easier to do editing of your model if you rotate your model to the “world” coordinate system. The blue model is aligned to “World”, which means the basic X, Y and Z axis:


When aligned along the X,Y and Z Axis it’s easier to model, and in this case, to make the line straight.

After you are done editing the part, it can be rotated back to its final orientation again.

// Rolf