CRhinoUiOptionsListCtrl Comboboxes problem with CStatic GUI component


so i am trying to create a GUI for a rhino plugin. For this i have created a simple formview with the GUI editor in visual studio with four buttons and a groupbox which is called IDC_STATIC. And I retrieved it in the c++ code like this:

CStatic* idcStatic = (CStatic*)GetDlgItem(IDC_STATIC);

GetDlgItem is a method of CRhinoTabbedDockBarDialog which the current class inherits, similar to the demo project SampleOptionsListCtrlPageDialog.h (and .cpp) in
In this project the create a Rhino Options list like this:

m_options_list.CreateOptionsList(this, dwStyle, rect)

m_options_list is an instance of CRhinoUiOptionsListCtrl.
However i create it like this:

m_options_list.CreateOptionsList(idcStatic, dwStyle, rect)

So i basically want to put the options list inside of “idcStatic” instead of “this”.
So that the options list wont be drawn over the buttons, this works fine, however CRhinoUiOptionsListCtrlGroupComboBox dont work right like this, when selecting an option from the combobox, it won’t lose focus which creates weird artefacts. Does anybody have any ideas about a fix? If not, is there another way to make sure the Options List is not drawn over the buttons?