Hi Everybody,

I want to create a prompt that allow user to continue to insert data until he click a specified “option” to stop the command.

I do something like:

CRhinoGetOption go;
int dval_GetDistTacco = go.AddCommandOptionNumber(
RHCMDOPTNAME(L"Heel Distance"), &Dist_TaccoForOption, L"Distanza_Tacco", FALSE, 0.1, 200.0 );

int dval_GetDistRaccordo = go.AddCommandOptionNumber( 
	RHCMDOPTNAME(L"Junction Distance"), &Dist_Raccordo, L"Distanza_Raccordo", FALSE, 0.1, 200.0 );

//This option is the Stop
int bval_option_index = go.AddCommandOptionInteger(
RHCMDOPTNAME(L"Stop"),&m_bVal, L"Stop", 0, 1);

The stop must be something like “If i click it, I stop the command” but with this configuration I allow user to insert 1 or 0. I want if the user click the Option, the value will set to 1 ( true ) without the user have to insert the value.

Is there a way to do it?
I read the documentation and googled it but I didn’t find anything useful.

Thanks in advance.


HI Marco,

Is this information/example helpful?

Hi Dale,

Yes it is.
Thank you!