CRhinoFitPatch question

Continuing the discussion from FilletEdges:

The results of any SDK function is only as good as the input. In the case of patch, if your input curves are not smooth, then you should not expect the resulting surface to be smooth.

I have noticed a pattern with all of your questions. And that is you have very poor geometry that you are passing to our SDK functions. Your curves are not smooth, have way too many control points, and often overlap. There is no way you are going to be able to automate a process when your inputs are so bad.

I suggest you spend some time modeling in Rhino to learn how to create high-quality geometry. In doing this, you will learn what is required by our SDK functions to produce high-quality output.


– Dale

thanks dale.
but my curves is created not by my self,
I just need using these curves to creat some breps using sdk function.
so I can’t ensure all the input curves are smoth.
I have try to use rhinofaircurve and rhinofitcurve and rhinorebuild sdk functions to make these curves become better,but still not very good,and the surface also not very good.
Is there has a good idea to make any curves to become better using codes not using command.

If you were to use Rhino commands to make the curves “better”, what commands would you use?

fair,fitcrv,rebuild commands are maybe used

SDK versions of these commands are available, correct? So apparently this is not enough to create the model you are interested in, right?

yes,you are right