Creation of a detached surface


I did a energy simulation run for PV panels installed on a detached surface on top of rooftop and directly on rooftop surface. I found that the simulation result for the one that the PV panels installed on rooftop surface doesn’t make sense.

As I am trying to automate the geometry setting workflow, I would like to ask if there is a convenient way to create a detached surface that is 0.5m away from the facade / rooftop surface. Thanks.

Im not sure i quite understand the question.
But cant you just move the surface? Perhaps offset it?

Also, if you are doing PV simulations through Honeybee/Ladybug, check the direction of the surface.
A way to do that, is to evaluate surface, and use the vector display component to display the normal vector of the surface.
The normal vector has to point towards the source of light.
If the vectors are turned away from the light source, you need to flip the surface, though i can’t remember the component from the top of my head.

Thanks so much. I was too focused on using HB component to solve the problem and overlooked the “offset” function. Thanks again.