Creating wrinkles on a mesh


Looking to create some cloth for chairs, curtains and such. Want to add some wrinkles to cloth by maybe paint stroking them on. Thanks!

S. Houtzager

(Pascal Golay) #2

SoftMove, using a curve, on the mesh points (selected points) might be one way- kind of labor intensive I guess but it might help some.



Maybe you can use a Displacement texture to make the wrinkels in the mesh.
i used Displacement texture to make a textured mesh and then extract the curves to create a smooth surface.
That might work.


(Kyle Houchens) #4

apply displacement would work, but dumping your mesh into z brush would work better . you can do exactly what you are describing-



(Brian James) #6

I’ve been using Kangaroo in Grasshopper for this lately and it is pretty fast for generating the initial fabric simulation once you learn how it’s set up. Might make a good tutorial at some point. Here’s a link with a video…
Kangaroo cloth