Creating Working Drawing Sheets


I am using Grasshopper to create architecture working drawing sheets. I have a few questions. Attached is the early beginnings of the script…

A couple of questions… I am trying to subdivide the drawing space into 25 different modules, and then combine various modules together to create detail modules, schedule modules, etc… Ideally I would like to have around 10 different options for these sheets that I could control via a value list (or something like that).

First question, how do I select numerous list items at the same time to create these larger modules? For example, I would like to select module 0 - 14 and combine them to form a larger module but I am not sure how? Then I would like to use the remaining modules to create more modules. Would this be done using a series of dispatch commands or is there a different way?

Second, would a value list be the best way of quickly selecting a paper layout option or would there be a different way?

Any suggestions on my questions or any other considerations that I am overlooking would be greatly appreciated.

Making Sheets (39.5 KB)

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Is this what you’re looking for? Split List

Making (39.8 KB)

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Yes it is - Thank you very much