Creating T's

I am creating a lot of illustrations where I need T’s. In the attached file I have a shield with vertical supports. the vertical supports should have a 6"x3/8" along the outside edges.

Is there simple way (script?) to create such T’s automatically. One problem is the supports are not lined up at right angles to the shield so the end of the T needs to extend farther on one side than the other.

Problem T.3dm (3.4 MB)

Hello - the Rib command should help.


Is there something that clearly explains how this command works?

If the help topic on the command doesn’t do it for you, please provide specific questions or suggestions to specific parts of that help topic.

I have no real idea where to start.

If I do RIB with normal to curve plane, I get this error:

“Invalid intersection. Extrusion direction = (0.00,-0.91,0.41)”

If I do it in Curve Plane, I get

(Not unexpected). In the first case, the documentation does not say what limits there are on the curve.