Creating timber structure from 3 circles

I am trying to generate “timber” fins inside 3 circles. The script i made only works for one “fin”:

The rest of the fins are not linear. This is most likely because the lines at the end of the curves are not facing the same direction and therefore dont create a flat surface (only works for one rib that has the same x direction and length). I need to find a way for all the ribs to be "flat*. I hope this makes sense. Any ideas?

roof timber (18.2 KB)

Why not try to orient your planes with the center of sections before use X axis.

Here’s a simpler solution for twisted and curved ribs and a slightly altered solution for flat ribs.

roof timber (25.7 KB)


You mean orient all the planes in one direction? hmm that could work although im not sure how i would do that. Ill give it a go!

Look like this works! Thanks a lot, did not know there was a sweep tool

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