Creating thickness on organic louvers

am having a problem finishing my skript. I have managed to form a new form made from louvers from a normal loft, but i am having a hard time making the louvers thick. I have tried using extrude ,but the problem is that the louvers move in different directions away from the would really be helpful if someone helped me finish my skript. Thank you.

Abrahamwaves (18.3 KB) cave.3dm (841.8 KB)

this thickens your loft, but there are some weird flaps going on in the geometry:

waves (19.6 KB)

Thanks alot, the flaps can be changed according to the conditions i set.

i have a question though, what does the Brep edges do ?

Brep Edges extracts the edge curves of a Brep, and returns them in 3 separate outputs as Naked Edges, Interior Edges and Non-Manifold edges

ohh yah, now i get it, thanks , i wish i knew earlier .thanks alot