Creating text objects/curves

I’ve been happily using Human to create and bake text with specific attributes (font, size, ect) but human dead ends with baking. I need to reference the curves themselves. Is there another plugin for managing font output? Human was the best I could find before.

Not sure what you mean…

Have a look at this nice script by Laurent:

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Wombat can output text as curves:

probably other plugins can also do that, but Wombat is the only one I have currently installed that can handle Font selection

of course you can always bake your text in Rhino, explode it, and reference the curves

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Thanks, I’ll check that out. I just meant reference in grasshopper, as it is now (with Human) I’m having to bake my text as curves and manually bring them back in because Human’s text component has no output.


Thanks Segheir, this worked best. Wombat was having trouble recognizing different faces. All I could get is Barlow, not Barlow SemiBold or Barlow Black, ect. Fennec is smooth, although I do like how Human centers text on points, Wombat and Fennec snap to the top left.

You can control position by Text style component (13.2 KB)