Creating Tensile Structures with Physics Modellers and Squish for Fabrication from Cloth

From what I’ve gleaned looking at tutorials and Food4Rhino, it should be possible to create tensile structures with RhinoMembrane or FlexHopper or Kangaroo, and then use Squish to create patterns to fabricate the membranes.

I’m not sure how to use this system to take advantage of the elasticity of fabrics.

One solution would be to use fabric with almost no elasticity, but this would require the maximum number of pieces.

Squish itself reports back the amount of stretching required for any parts. (Compression also, where of course ‘darts’ would be required.)

I’m assuming one would test the elasticity of the fabric and then panelize (with panel tools, which I don’t yet know) it so that the squished parts don’t exceed the elasticity of the fabric.

What the workflow would be, I’m not sure, but if there are any ideas out there, I’d love to hear them.