Creating surfaces between the Waffle ribs

Hey all
Im trying to create sort of a facade from the waffle-like structure in the attached file. right now i am attempting to “fill” in the holes with planar rectangle surfaces that are created by the waffle ribs intersection, but im unable to think of any way to do so. it is important that these surfaces will be genreated in Grasshopper.[Waffle facade.3dm|attachment]
Your help would be very appriciated.

1 Waffle facade.3dm (1.0 MB) Waffle (24.5 KB)

Something like this?

Waffle (43.9 KB)

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Thank you for your reply!

looks like a good direction but i want each surface to be planar (its supposed to be windows in between). any idea who can i do that?


I don’t think that’s a good solution , but if you triangulate the window glasses, then maybe you can follow the curvature of the surface.

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