Creating soundscape with grasshopper + EsquisSons (plugin)

Hi ,

I have modelled up a simple site with some sounds in different locations. In the attached files I am trying play the sounds from my desktop folder, however when I go to simulate the sounds in the Esquissons program only the first one load properly. The second & third ones (“bird” & “birdy”)resault in a red warning which i am not able to solve.

I tried to read the code of the component (the red error one) but i still can’t realize what’s happening.
I also tried changing file name and location of the soundtracks but it still didn’t work.

I have attached my Rhino and Grasshopper files. If anyone could help out with anything I’m doing wrong here, that would be of great help.

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plugin: (27.9 KB)

esquission.3dm (8.9 MB)