Creating some sort of stamp/mould

Hi all,

i have a surface and a logo which i extruded. that is all fine, but now i would like the back to be open.
bottom attachement is what i got now.
required is what i would like to have.
I made everything a surface so far and tried to use a few boolean settings but cannot get to the result i would like

Hi Davy -

I’m not completely sure what you need to be done - posting the 3dm file would help.
You can always extract surfaces and move or delete them…

Hi Wim,
Thanks for the reply

What I would like is that the backside of the 3D letters is open, as if i would be able to fill in the letters with a liquid product.

I don’t have access at the moment but can upload the file tomorrow

Hi -

That should be doable by just sub-object selecting the backside surface(s) and pressing the Delete key.