Creating Solid from Polysurfaces


I tried for hours now, but I cannot create a closed solid from polysurfaces on this specific object (see attachment). Something is wrong with the blending at the rounded tip.
On a similar object it worked for some reason but this one makes me desperate.

Thanks for help!



Fin.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hi Tim - look very closely at the trailing edges of the wing right where the tip surface joins it - set the view to a parallel camera so that you can zoom way way in.


I’ll see if I can make you an example of a different way to do this- hold on a bit.

@tim.karsten see the attached file - this shows the surface layout I’d use, but note your surfrace gets pretty skewed out at the wing tip on the leading edge - I’d try to find a way to make this wing so that the surface isos are more on line with the shape and not twisted.

Fin_Maybe.3dm (168.3 KB)


Wow this is awesome. Tank you!

Thanks a lot Pascal!
I will probably use this for printing :smiley: Tomorrow I will have time to work out, how u did that.