Creating smooth meshes from pipes, like TSpipe had in Tsplines?

(Albert Li) #21

Thanks so much. we are developing a series of conponents about voxel. That is a good enlightenment!

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(Giovanni Betti) #22

Hi @DanielPiker
I have started playing around with the released skeleton fattener gh component and I love it!
it seems though that the ability to distinguish between curves and surfaces as per the screenshot above didn’t make it in the final plug-in.
Any hard reason for this?
would be very helful!!
Greetings from Berlin,


(Daniel Piker) #23

Hi Giovanni,
Good to hear that. It takes lines, polylines and quad mesh faces, not surfaces.

(Giovanni Betti) #24

:man_facepalming:! Of course!
Thanks a lot for the answer Daniel!


There is another method for skeletonization that seems more straight forward when using spectral analysis which means computing laplace beltrami operator of the mesh:

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(Albert Li) #26

Really useful, thanks so much!

(Andreas Walther) #27

hello Daniel,
just found this tread, very interesting!
I downloaded your examples but I cannot get it to work like you do in your video, all I have archived so far is right click on the first curve node and assign an existing line or lines , which are then generated into the “solids”. How can I archive this interactive behaviour like in your video where you dynamically draw new lines which are then directly added ?



hi Daniel. What’s the link to the specific plugin download for the exoskeleton SubD thing here?

(Laurent Delrieu) #29

Look here


Can show me some of yours images ?
–skeleton & fattener—