Creating silhouette from multiple enclosed meshes

Hi, I have used inkscape to convert a jpg file image of a small object to meshes by removing background in blender and saving as a stl. I imported to rhino and it is 2d of thousands of small blobs separated by spaces. Each blog was probably a pixel from jpg but is now a little stand alone 2d mesh. I would like to delete all such meshes that are surrounded by other blob meshes so I am left only with the outer meshes. I would then like to join adjacent meshes so I have a continuous mesh wall around the outside perimeter.
The saves me having to ouline by hand.
Please is this possible?

Posting your file here and letting other see what you’re working with always goes a long way in helping you find a solution for your problem. So, if it is possible for you to share your 3dm file, please do so.

Possibly - MeshOutline, followed by CurveBoolean… Maybe Join all the meshes first.


Thanks Pascal. Is there a way to join thousands of separate meshes? I think the boolean mesh join only works on 2 meshes at a time. Rupert

_SelMesh _Join should work