Creating sections by intersecting a Mesh Patch/Drape surface with a Rectangular surface

My goal is to generate ground-plane section lines from a terrain model.

I created the terrain model from contours with x, y, and z coordinates and then performed the “meshpatch” command followed by the “drape” command to create a surface. In order to cut section lines from this terrain, I drew rectangular surfaces perpendicular to the terrain in order to generate an intersecting line that is the section.

When performing the “intersect” command, the mesh/terrain is not able to be selected.

What is the best way to generate a section from a terrain surface? Why am I unable to select the terrain when "intersect"ing?


Hi Milo- use MeshIntersect, or better still, Contour or Section.


Thank you!
I was successful with section, but unsuccessful with MeshIntersect and Contour.
Section made my line span the entire surface though rather than just the portion I needed.

Hi Milo- check the command line option in Section for ExtendSections=Yes/No. Any better?