Creating scaleable icosahedron: adding thicknes and bevels for 3d printing

I have managed to create an icosahedron model in gh, using my limited experience of the modeler. I’m sure it’s not the most efficient structure, but it does the trick for me at the moment. My first R&D approach has been to adjust the perforations in each facet of the icosahedron and then bake the 3d model, which I then unwrapped in Peppakura and refined the vector output in autocad before sending to a laser cutter!

I’m sure the whole process can be done in gh, but that is beyond my skill level at the moment and I have mananged to successfully lasercut the shapes I needed using my method.

My next step is to add a material thickness by extruding and add the correct angle of bevel to each triangular panel and then flatten the icosahedron into a 3d print ready layout. I would also want to add the option of extruding the circular opening and adding a variable wall thickness to the extruded ‘collar’ to allow attachment of additional objects.

I would really appreciate some feedback as to whether I am using the correct approach to this! (18.2 KB)