Creating ridges/grooves on a button

Hi all, just a quick question on what the best way to go about this is. I want to make a button with circular grooves or ridges on it as a type of “grip”. To give you a better idea it looks something like the black button on this braun shaver. What would you suggest I do? Thank you.

start in top view or front, right as you wish, then create a circle with the diameter of the button which will serve as the plate just be sure to include the extra dimension of the outer rim. then you start creating the inner circles and segmented as wished. after that use the command pipe. the open segments if you decide to have such a pattern can be capped round. then extrude the outer circle as thick as you need, and probably the fastest to connect the grooves with the plate is just to use boolean union.

hope you create something nice have fun :wink: and by the way a lovely classic you have picked there.

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Hi Roman - probably the simplest, if you need the 3d geometry and not just a rendering, is to make a profile representing a section of the pattern - maybe just a zig-zag polyline or wave pattern and Revolve that curve.


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Thanks a lot Richard. I’ve done just that and it worked perfectly. And I agree I love Braun’s old school designs from the 60s and 70s. Simple, elegant and honest. A lot of which seems to be missing in products today.

Another way

Can you please tell me Viktor how you made those ridges?

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You draw this line:
And revolve it.