Creating Rhino Command using Python

I am trying to create an RHI installer file for my python command in Rhino.
Following the guidelines on the attached link, the created installer File alwas results in an error: “An unexpected error occured”.

The two files that I zip and rename to SelectStl_Lines.rhi are both in the dev folder of my command as described. Here is the code of my


And is my python command

Thanks for helping me finding the Bug!

@will, is this anything you know about?

Hey @l.fuhrimann, would you mind send me a copy of the .rhi file so I can look into why it’s not working? Also, which version of Rhino are you using?

Sure, attached is the .rhi file created. I am using Rhino 5.0. Thanks for your help!

SelectStl_Lines.rhi (1014 Bytes)

The .rhi package shouldn’t contain the dev folder. The file and any command files need to be in the root of the .rhi package.

Works like a charm now thanks a lot!

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