Creating reliable silhouettes, controlling object surfaces, edges, and crease lineweight

Left: Closeup of Plot (600dpi) showing lineweight differentiation which doesn’t provide desired thick silhouette.

Right/Centre: Rhino Interface showing a display setting providing a useful range of lineweights for this detail.

A) though all surface lines are set the same, each plots differently, relationship between size requested and size output isn’t clear ( and shouldn’t default heirarchy provide thickest line on silhouette? That’s what I would require.); and B) the thickness plotting for the edge is what I need for the silhouette, and vice versa (but the interface won’t accept a setting of less than 1)

All these lineweight settings would be more useful (to me) with absolute settings as in the setting of lineweights elsewhere. (In mm.) But in the meantime I simply need to understand how to control it.

Plotted with Cutepdf.

Rhino 6.24

update: it plots as expected with Rhino pdf.

Some time ago Cute pdf was recommended to me as the best pdf printer from Rhino, for reasons I don’t recall. Maybe it’s time to switch back.