Creating Rectangles (Panels) on the highlighted area (GH)

Dear all,

I have been trying to create a building facade and then draw certain axes (horizontally and vertically) which I did. Now, I end up with a useful area (highlighted in light green) where I can place panels (PV). I was first using SkinDesigner for it but the panels created in that cover the windows too which I want to avoid although I added windows surface as modifier to avoid placement on windows and slabs.
Is there any way I can create some sort of rectangles with height and width controlled by sliders in a way that if the height or width of the rectangle touches the slab surface or windows surface, it disappears? So that I end up with rectangles that do not intersect the windows or slabs.
Your help will be very appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

Hashir (57.3 KB)

Hello everyone! Can anybody please offer some insights?

Thanks :slight_smile: