Creating random nurbs surfaces on top of each other

hello everyone so i have been trying to create surfaces on top of each other with each surface being slightly deformed from the other x and y wise(not z!!) so i started with ellipses on top of each other and divided each curve and moved the points in x and y direction through the random command but when i try it it doesnt work it only works if they all deform the same way exactly

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thank you so much, so i have been analyzing your work and noticed that the problem is with the seed parameter in the random component,it should be a list not a number,can you explain to me why is that please?,plus should the length of the list for the seed be the same as the number of perp frames in a curve or should it be equal to the number of cruves(ellipses) in total because logically it should be the number of frames because we are moving the frames? thank you so much!

In order to each curve (grafted curves) be deformed by differtent random seed (grafted too), other way will be deformed the same way. The lenght of the seed should be equal to the lenght of the curves, the lenght of the random numbers should be equal to the perp frames. :wink: