Creating "Profiled" Slab Style

Hi fellow Rhinosceri,
Just into my second day of VisualARQ’s testrun I was wondering if it xere possible to have a ‘Profiled’ Slab as a foundation-slab. A slab which, at the outer limits, is deeper (say: 60cm of thickness) the first 30cm inwards. And somewhat slanted coming up to an overall 30cm thickness.

If the slab could be profiled this way, one could also make slabs with a round-going down-step for a first layer of cellular concrete blocks (for instance, beneath the parament stones).


Hi Bart, this is not possible now up to the 1.9 version. You can only create these profiled slabs using Rhino extrusions and polysurfaces. We will consider this request for future versions.

Ok, Thank you Francesc for the feedback.