Creating planes and offset in Rhino, How to?

This post requires pictures to understand. I don’t know how to add them here. So I also posted on Reddit:

This is points taken of a cushion I have using a digitizing pen. Questions not necessary in order but there may be a best order of process. I have a lot of cushions to do this to and a nice process would streamline the workflow. Picture of actual cushion:

  1. I want to take the yellow line and/or points and make them all on the top plane ( or a new plane that is parallel to the top plane). But they can’t move in relation with other points, averaged out via the Z-axis, onto the plane.

  2. I want to make another plane averaged with the yellow points representing the top flat part of the cushion. The new plane will be the green line that is parallel to the first plane or top plane we put the points from number 1 on.

  3. I want to draw a line or points (blue line) around the edge of the yellow line from number 1 but on the newly created plane from number 3 (green line/plane). This line or points with be offset of the yellow line by an inch or two.

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You can select the points you want to take the average plane of, run _PlaneThroughPt, align your Cplane to this new plane, then use _RemapCplane to map your objects from this plane to top view Cplane

Thank you, I will try this. Might take a while as I very new to Rhino

I tried these things. Couple things. I don’t think I did the alignment to cplane correctly as it still isn’t on the top plane and nor could I get the remap to work. The points moved but still are not all level.

But first I would like to address the PlaneThroughPt. It worked and I have this plane. How do I make a new plane and offset it to the bottom in place of that plane that is not parallel to the bottom plane? It should be parallel to the bottom. How would I accomplish this?

Try _OffsetSrf

Awesome thanks!

So the Distance from the point and the bottom plane is 5cm. I set the offset to 5 and it went up to like 7-9. It didn’t go to the point that was at 5cm.

I really hate Rhino. I am quite frustrated.

can you share the file?

I can. How do I do that?

Upload the file just like you upload pictures.

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Cushion E.3dm (54.0 KB)

offsetsrf over 5 will give exact 5cm. I reoriented your piece, maybe it helps:

Cushion E.3dm (216.6 KB)

btw, with objects this small, I’d prefer to use the mm small objects template. You can import your file into a new file (based on mm small template) and continue your work there.

Thank you. But I got the same thing. Mine looks the same as yours. The reason I asked about the 5cm is because I took a measurement from the bottom plane to one of the points on that top line. It said 5cm. When I did this offset it turned out to be well over that point, which is where yours ended up as well, instead of directly on that point. When I get time I will upload a screenshot.

I understand, but in that case your scan is off. Rhino is 100% accurate with that 5cm for sure.

ok, so Rhino is not accurate when taking dimensions?

I’d say your digitizer is not functioning as it should