Creating planar quad mesh on an egg like shape

Hello Guys

please tell me, I looked through a lot of topics on the forum on creating a square flat network.
I tried to make such a mesh by examples.
but the network is not completely planar…

Can you please tell me if it is possible to create a planar mesh on such a shape close to an egg?
if any conditions?

in quad.3dm (218.4 KB)

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Hi @AlexWer

Most of those links are about making planar hexagonal cells, which is quite different from making planar quads, so maybe not so helpful here.

For your shape the main complication will be that crease around the centre.
What I’d recommend to do is take one half of the shape, create a structured quad mesh based on the bounding box, and planarize that and finally reflect to get the other half: (109.9 KB)