Creating net from Mesh

Hello, I wanted to know if someone has a way for me to have the mesh created here as being visually an actual net without the need to pipe each and every line as the latter is way too heavy on the memory of Rhino 6. I have used GH and Kangaroo which gave me a mesh from which i extractedwireframe on Rhino to get the Wired mesh. I just need to add a thickness to it or convert it into a texture to be applied. Thank you in advance for your help

You will find many plugins that are doing meshed pipe ( Try Pufferfish). They are not all fast depending if you provide a datatree or a list of lines or lists of polylines … so you have to do test. Here an example of low polygon mesh

Thank you for your input. I shall test it and hope for it to work as need be.

I am having great difficulty to pipe the lines in a single mesh. If you could kindly show me your script which i can then copy, it will be of great help. Thanks in advance. Im a novice with the plugin.

If you just need to show the wires with thickness for rendering, then you can bake the edges as lines and use the Curve Piping property in Rhino:

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THANK YOU! This is perfect as solution!