Creating my own materials

Hi I am trying to assign a rusty steel look to my object, I was reading
and they stated the specifications of 100 x 100 pixels and it seemed like I had to post it somewhere on a website. I’m confused cant I just import my jpeg into my own version of Rhino. Where exactly am I meant to upload my 100 x 100 image to.

I agree it isn’t stated all that clearly - the upload of a 100 x 100 preview is just in case one would want to upload a new eMap onto that page so that others can use it [someone correct me if I’m wrong].

For your own versions, you just follow the PhotoShop instructions.

Note that for a rusty steel material, you are probably on the wrong page. The page describes how to make an environmental map. If you have a bitmap and are using a basic Rhino material, you can check the ‘Color’ box under the ‘Textures’ header in the material editor and browse to your bitmap.

thanks I;ve got it now!