Creating multiple surfaces between an original curve and its offset at various distances


I am looking for a way to create a surface between an original curve and its offsets at multiple distances. The context of this question is determining the area moments of a cross section of a ships hull, for different plate thicknesses.

In the screenshot below a text file is imported which contains a list of the desired plate thicknesses. Next it duplicates the original curves (the actual cross sections of the ship’s hull) as many times as there are entries in the text file. Below the offsets are created of the original curve (4 sets in this case). Next these lines are merged and surfaces are created from these boundary curves, before being handed off to a series of calculations.

Currently this script creates a surface between every other curve, as shown below. Here it creates a surface between the original curve and its offset by 1mm, the next surface is between the offset of 2mm and 3mm, and so on.

What I am trying to achieve is individual surfaces between the original curve and its offsets.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you in advance,